Alex. 24. Southern Belle. Ailurophile. Dreamer. Bookworm. Movie Lover. Film & Video Graduate. I would like to be a video editor someday. Expert in zombie makeup & making costumes out of virtually nothing.

Do you ever feel all alone like you just don’t fit in anywhere and you don’t have anybody to talk to and like wtf are you doing with your life?


The other day at my work my boss pulled a few of us into his office to have a meeting to discuss changes in our store & how we need to appreciate the customers more & all I could think about was how fucking stupid this place is & how I couldn’t care less. It’s like it all just hit me during that one little meeting. I almost quit right then & there. Do you know how dumb that would’ve been? But seriously, that’s how fed up I’ve become working there. I’m hoping that my stress level will calm the fuck down once this asshole shift lead that everyone (myself included) hates working with transfers to another store. I think today is actually my last night working with him (I’m really praying that it is). I’m also fantasizing about what shit I could get away with saying to him before he leaves for good, but I probably won’t say anything. It also doesn’t help that I’m working on a seemingly endless video project right now. Every time I think I’m done, there’s more changes to be made. It’s not hard or anything, it’s just frustrating constantly making these little changes for a seemingly unhappy client. And I just spent $662 fixing my car. And rents due. And I’m currently typing on a busted ass ipad screen that I can’t afford to get fixed atm. Ughhhh. Maybe going back to working four days a week at my work & having one whole day dedicated to video stuff would help me not feel so overwhelmed.

Nooo it’s only my Monday.

I’ve been dreading going to work these last couple weeks, it just feels like a waste of time. And with summer ending I feel like I should be out doing fun things. I’ve been car-less since last weekend so Barak & I have been walking everywhere & doing some neighborhood exploring. Yesterday we walked all the way down to the water & decided it was too hot to not jump in. Barak promised he’d take me swimming somewhere nice this weekend since we share days off. I just want this week to be over so I can go back to having fun.